Are you ready to make a difference? Do you want to honour your true purpose? This is a workshop of mighty action to accelerate your leap into a completely new life.


So often it takes a great determined leap to transform your life. This leap doesn’t need to be done blindly. This workshop gives students insights on finding purpose, working with fear, planning the leap and finding tools to master the leap.


“I’ve met many people who want to transform their lives but don’t know how to do it. People want their lives to be better, to mean something, to be significant but are scared to take the leap and commit to transformation. I’ve found that with the right tools and wisdom the leap becomes very powerful and people move through the process of transformation with a lot more confidence.” Dr. Ava Eagle Brown, Founder of The Mango Girl CIC.



This workshop can be adapted to time limitations and the needs of the audience. The workshop is delivered face-to-face.



Module 1 – Big Picture Life Assessment – the big five questions

  • You’ll complete a big picture life assessment so you know why you want things to change and where you want to go.
  • Ask guided questions of yourself to pin down who you are and what your purpose is. This will be unique to you.
  • Work through exactly why you want to take the leap. Your why is 100% essential to the success of the leap.


Module 2 – Let’s understand fear 

  • You’ll be given the tools to work with your fear.
  • We’re going to go deep and really understand fear: why it’s an important part of growth and how to work with it.
  • We’ll address the uncertainty that naturally comes with taking a quantum leap and you’ll practice your newfound skills.


Module 3 – What to do about fear of failure

  • Fear of failure is one of the big deterrents to any big progress in life. You’ll address the fear of failure by understanding its value and engaging in robust researching and planning.
  • We are going to work on changing your attitude to failure and explore why failure is important.
  • It’s a fact that smart leapers plan. You are going to plan and put something down writing that will change your future.


Module 4 – Leap training

  • You’ll focus on the training and skills needed to take the leap.
  • Your life is not going to just change without you making the effort. You are going to need to get skilled up.
  • This module will be all about auditing your skills and securing the training to help you to leap.


Module 5 – Time for lift off

  • This module is about giving you solid and fundamental tools to make sure you follow through on your leap.
  • You’ll feel confident you can move forward and jump with the right equipment and the best possible attitude.