A workshop of deep change from the inside out.


Great self-esteem is 100% important for a happy life. This workshop pinpoints what’s lowering individual self-esteem, teaches students how to accept and love themselves, take big action to change their mindset and make changes that will stick in the long term.


“The ability to love yourself is the most important skill you need in life. It will make you less lonely, attract better people, pursue your purpose, set up boundaries and live your best life. This workshop goes in deep and helps students to master their mindsets and really love themselves.” Dr. Ava Eagle Brown, Founder of The Mango Girl CIC



This workshop can be adapted to time limitations and the needs of the audience. The workshop is delivered face-to-face.



Module 1 – Identifying the critic

  • Identifying what’s lowering individual self-esteem. This can be different for everyone.
  • Becoming familiar with your inner critic and detailing how it’s been talking about you without you being fully conscious of it.
  • Providing a tool for combating your inner critic.


Module 2 – The incredible value of acceptance

  • How to accept yourself and disengage from your inner critic.
  • Find out what you need to do to keep the acceptance going.
  • How this starts to shift your mindset.


Module 3 – Deciding to love yourself

  • Taking responsibility, seeing the incredible human being that’s within and committing to yourself.
  • Repainting your canvas the way you want it and valuing yourself.
  • Using ceremony to confirm your new mindset.



    Module 4 – Love work

    • Combining the tools and taking action.
    • Learn the difference between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset and how this alters your self-esteem.


    Module 5 – Making this stick  

    • A tool for keeping yourself on track and not slipping back into old inner critic patterns.
    • Get equipped to keep that practice going.
    • Feel more confident and excited about your life.