The awakening workshop provides insights into how to have a complete life transformation. It guides participants through how to overcome fear and believe in themselves and provides practical and real solutions to addressing the things that block people from real change.



This workshop can be adapted to time limitations and the needs of the audience. The workshop is delivered face-to-face.



Module 1 – Manifesting the power within

  • 5 indicators that help you to make your dreams become possible.
  • How to see beyond your body.
  • What are your beliefs about manifesting your dreams?
  • How to stop resisting abundance.


Module 2 – Breaking free and unlocking hidden potential

  • The common stumbling blocks from realising hidden potential.
  • Understanding your personal self-belief and passion.
  • Figuring out what you want to do with your life.
  • Understanding your unique problems and solutions.
  • Setting goals.
  • Working through fears.
  • Finding a mentor.
  • Identifying your personal conditioned thinking.
  • Responding to the doubts of others.
  • Understanding your uniqueness.
  • Becoming committed to lifelong learning.



    Module 3 – Finding the path to greatness, happiness, success and peacModule 4 – Courage under fire

    • What is happiness and how to find it.
    • The difference between external and internal and how it reflects on your life.
    • Working through internal conflict.
    • The journey of self-love.
    • Responding to personal doubt.
    • Developing a positive attitude.
    • Finding supportive relationships.
    • Defining your relationship to failure and money.
    • Taking action and embracing challenges.
    • Keeping family relationships strong.
    • Having resilience.



    Module 4 – Courage under fire

    • Our responsibility to be the best we can be.
    • Knowing yourself.
    • Focus on what you truly want.
    • Turning the impossible into the possible.
    • Living more consciously.
    • Cultivating relationships.


    Module 5 – How you rewrite your story

    • Understanding how you tell your story.
    • Labelling experiences.
    • Working through disempowering beliefs.
    • Expressing gratitude.
    • Seeing your story from a different perspective.
    • Taking responsibility for your purpose.