We are made for change


We Are Made for Change

People say ‘change is hard’, but that’s not necessarily true. As humans, we are made for change.

Think about it – nothing that has been accomplished in moving forward has happened without change. What is hard is accepting that change can create confusion. We don’t like confusion. It disrupts our sense of order. It asks those difficult questions that a lot would simply not like to hear. But part of the fact of ‘change’ is that it usually occurs during times that involve either ‘need or desperation’; and if you drill down, you will find that it’s a combination of both.

We can look back on the many women that created change. From the suffragettes to Madame Curie and Oprah Winfrey, and yes, even Madonna; our paths are so filled with women that made the decision to move beyond the expected and force the rest of the world to join them, that we can’t help but feel their influence every day.


Part of our existence depends on change, the other part relies on vision. And ‘vision’ takes us to the realms of ‘what if’.

This is where you are right now. You are tapping into your experiences, touching the pain points of life and you are committed to making change. I call this part of your journey, “Leaping Into Significance”. It’s your time to ask those crucial questions about yourself: How will you make your mark on the world? What will your legacy be?

Everyone here is having that very intimate conversation with ‘self’. You are working through your fears, beginning to get the tools to master your leap of faith and pinning down your true purpose. Hearing it is the easy part, but truly listening to it can accelerate your personal quantum leap, and this can be your greatest ally in influencing others.

I have a lot of things to prove to myself. One is that I can live my life fearlessly. -Oprah Winfrey