How to Turn Today’s Chaos into a Transformed You.

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Have you noticed that things seem a little chaotic in the world these days—to put it mildly? You can react to the chaos, or try to disconnect from the chaos, or, if you want to contribute to a sustainable, mutually beneficial future, you can transcend the chaos.

If that’s your choice, I want to help you do that! I’m speaking in about how to get out of your rut and step into significance in the Transcend the Chaos So You Can Transform Yourself & the World virtual summit that my friend Kristine Madera is hosting.

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Along with my talk, you’ll learn other strategies to transcend and transform such as:

  • How to calm the inner chaos so you can open to your highest potential
  • Five simple steps that can radically change your life in 24 hours
  • How to align with your soul purpose & powerfully create your next transformational step
  • How to recognize & shift the patterns that are holding you back from living your true passion and purpose
  • How “good stress” helps you & how to lower harmful stress naturally
  • How to trust your intuition so you can look to your own wisdom for life’s questions
  • How to be true to your authentic self even when it makes you and others uncomfortable

And much more!

Transcending the chaos starts with calming the inner chaos, and then you can more easily express the transformational gifts you are here to share! This summit will show you how to do that!

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See you there!