Empowering Women to Become Their Best Selves.

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“I believe that empowered women will be the force that changes the world. We’re passionate about providing a safe space and unwavering support for women to heal, to recognise their value and to become deeply empowered for the rest of their lives.” Dr. Ava Eagle Brown, Founder, The Mango Girl CIC.

The Mango Girl CIC is a groundbreaking initiative based in Northern Ireland that aims to empower women to become their highest selves through supportive and life changing workshops, mentoring, speaking and events. At The Mango Girl CIC, we believe that every woman deserves a chance to rise, to be heard, to feel confident and to live a life of purpose.


We deliver several high quality workshops that meet women in their broken places and help to guide them into healing, empowerment and hope. These workshops are for women that want change but don’t know where to start and can be customised depending on the needs of the women within the group.


The Mango Girl CIC provides one-to-one mentoring to support healing, growth and transformation for women who particularly need a deeper level of support. These sessions are sensitive to the needs of the individual with the aim of gently empowering women to transform themselves and their lives.


We are equipped to motivate groups of women through inspiring speeches tailored to specific audiences and topics. Our speakers provide insights into how to overcome great challenges and important mindset tools for living day-to-day life. We believe in the power of individual stories and experiences. We also train women to speak their truth, tell their stories, discover their voice and mentor them to deliver professional speeches to empower themselves and others.

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This Is My Testimony

This Is My Testimony...Dr. Ava Eagle Brown God, you are El Gabbor and you have taken me to places I never imagined that I could pull myself out of. My journey hasn't been easy, it has had tears, pain, deception, injury, UBER failures at so many things to include TWO marriages. I have seen the barrel of a gun, sexually abuse, hurt, suicidal...

Balance & Harmony

Balance/ Harmony As a busy mompreneur who is juggling several business hats, I am always striving to get HARMONY in my life. We all are told to get the balance but I have come to realise that #Balance is a myth and #Harmony is what we truly seek. (Lisa Nichols)All of us struggle at one time or another, with the juggling act...

We are made for change

We are made for change By Ava Brown0 Comment We Are Made for Change People say ‘change is hard’, but that’s not necessarily true. As humans, we are made for change. Think about it – nothing that has been accomplished in moving forward has happened without change. What is hard is accepting that change can create confusion. We don’t...

4 Steps to Boost Your Self Esteem

4 Steps to Boost Your Self Esteem By Ava Brown0 Comment  1. Avoid generic positive affirmations. Positive affirmations are like drinking fizzy drink. You can tell yourself you are great but if you don’t really believe it, your mind will reject the affirmation and make you feel worse as a result. Affirmations only work when they fall...

How to Turn Today’s Chaos into a Transformed You.

How to Turn Today’s Chaos into a Transformed You. By Ava Brown0 Comment Have you noticed that things seem a little chaotic in the world these days—to put it mildly? You can react to the chaos, or try to disconnect from the chaos, or, if you want to contribute to a sustainable, mutually beneficial future, you can transcend the chaos. If...


The Mango Girl CIC is currently seeking partnerships and collaborations with organisations and community service providers to deliver this inspirational and life changing work.